Welcome to OkieDads

Welcome to OkieDads, a blog dedicated to helping Dad’s become the best parent they can be. We are thrilled that you’re checking out this site, and we’re excited to connect with you here, on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and hopefully we’ll have the chance to say ‘hello’ irl.

If you’re like me, you’re often trying to figure out what it means to be a great dad, and often times, that just comes down to survival mode. Well, we want to shatter that mindset and be strategic in our parenting skills, family planning and life adventures.

At OkieDads, we’ll list events and adventure ideas for you and your family (both with mom, and without her, too). We’ll talk about how parenting affects your relationship with mom. We’ll also take some time to define what makes a “good dad” and strengthen your confidence in fatherhood.

So grab a drink. Open up a tab to take notes. Let’s engage in being the best dad’s ever.


23319259_10212893239378325_1332472976803504259_nPhoto by LG Photography

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