Guys Night Out: The Jones Assembly Concerts

When I think of the perfect guys night out, one of the first activities that comes to mind is grabbing some good food and catching an incredible set from one of my favorite bands. And at one of Oklahoma City’s newest hot spots, The Jones Assembly, I can finally kill two birds with one stone.

Operating the majority of its business as an upscale restaurant, The Jones Assembly also plays host to a wide variety of acts, including Willie Nelson, The Wallflowers, Lake Street Dive, and many others.

On concert nights, The Jones Assembly offers a narrow selection of high end eats, such as Loaded Frites (fried potatoes, queso, goat cheese crumbles, bacon, jalapeño & ranch), Schwab Dogs (a hot dog with chili, cream cheese, mustard, dill pickle slaw, tillamook cheddar on a poppyseed bun), and for dessert you can grab a funnel cake ice cream sandwich (covered in rainbow sprinkles).

The atmosphere on concert nights is perfect for whatever mood you’re feeling. Want to get up close and personal with the band in an air conditioned room? They’ve got you covered. Want to sit outside with a cold beer and listen to the music under the stars? They’ve got that too. The Jones Assembly’s unique concert venue setup is a hybrid of both indoor and outdoor seating, and with the majority of the shows being General Admission, you have the freedom to sit exactly where you want.

For an even more upscale, experience, a limited number of Mezzanine tickets are sold to the public, offering access to a private bar, private bathrooms, and unobstructed views of the show from the balcony of the mezzanine. If you’re looking for a more intimate, personal and luxurious experience, this is the way to go.

20180517_193711.jpgBut if you’re really wanting to go over the top, for select shows you can purchase The Jones Experience – and it’s a concert experience like no other. The Jones Experience includes 6 tickets at your own private table or booth on the patio, a dedicated server with advance menu ordering available and complimentary valet parking. The best way to describe it would be to walk into a fine dining establishment, ask the hostess for the best table in the house, and then your favorite band puts on a concert while you dine in your own private VIP booth. Epic level: 100.

For more information on The Jones Assembly, visit them online at, or to buy tickets to an upcoming concert, visit

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