Why We Love Soccer City

When my wife approached me with the thought that maybe it’s time to get our 4 year old involved in sports activities, I really only had three requests: First, I would prefer it to be indoors so we can be comfortable watching kids scramble in a free-for-all “game” of soccer. Second, I don’t want it to break the bank, especially since we don’t know if she’ll like it or not. Third, I want it to be set up in an environment that’s fun for her.

I was familiar with Soccer City on the northwest part of Oklahoma City, and so we reached out for more information, which led to an invitation to come out for a free lesson to see if it’s something our daughter would be interested in.

When we arrived to the complex, I was taken back by how small it looked from the outside. However, after entering the double glass doors, we found a massive complex that was built into the ground, consisting of 4 full size soccer pitches – all of which are air conditioned with ample seating. Any time I walk into Soccer City, it reminds me of a hockey rink, complete with floor to ceiling netting and a clear plexiglass divider – only instead of ice, it’s filled with astroturf.

Soccer City has leagues for every age group – so whether you’re looking for a league that’s perfect for your toddlers, or a league for you and your coworkers to enjoy after hours, there’s a really good chance Soccer City is for you.


We found pricing here to be extremely reasonable. Our 4 year old’s class rang in at $14/per class at a 12 week session. There is a small yearly membership fee, but included with that was my child’s uniform, which she proudly wears to every single practice. So for less than $200, we are able to have a fun and controlled activity for our child to enjoy for three months.

For more information on Soccer City, visit them online at http://www.soccercityokcity.com/

If you’re interested in a free, no-commitment lesson for your child, click here.

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