4 Year Old Food Reviews: Capitals Ice Cream

Another comprehensive food review, as told by a 4-year old. Today’s feature: Capitals Ice Cream

OkieDads (OD): So today we are at Capitals Ice Cream, just north of Downtown Oklahoma City. Brooklyn, what do you think of this place?

Brooklyn (BK): points to cabinet full of cereal Look at all of this!!!

OD: Yeah! You can get cereal on top of your ice cream! Which one are you going to get?

BK: Lucky Charms with Marshmallows!

OD: That sounds good! Which kind of ice cream: chocolate or vanilla?

BK: Chocolate!

OD: Yum! I think I’m going to get a vanilla ice cream with Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries.

(Interview continues after the ice cream arrives)

BK: This is so giant.

OD: They are big cups of ice cream! What is your favorite part?

BK: The sprinkles!

OD: In my ice cream? Those are blended bits of Captain Crunch! I think it’s yummy too!

BK: And my chocolate too!

OD: So do you like this a little bit or a lot?

BK: A lot-a lot!

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