Summer Fun: Andy Alligator’s Water Park


As the summer heat kicks in this week (seriously, 100+ degree heat in May?!), it’s important to make sure that your family has options to stay cool while they’re enjoying the outdoors. The absolute easiest way to do this is to load up the car and take them to one of the many splash pads and water parks that Oklahoma has to offer.

Today, we took our OKC Venture Pass to Andy Alligator’s Water Park in Norman, Oklahoma. Located right off of the west side of the I-35 service road, Andy Alligator’s complex is made up of two separate parks – a fun park with go karts, bumper cars and games, and the Water Park.

The water park is made up of 4 areas: a water slide tower with two high speed slides, a lazy river, a giant splash pad complete with one of those giant buckets that dumps an enormous amount of water on you, and a toddler’s splash and slide area.

The large water slide tower consists of two different options. The first slide is a traditional tube slide, allowing you to pretend like you’re a member of the Jamaican Bobsled Team as you round each corner and race down the track. The second is a series of slides in which you ride on a glorified yoga mat and race other riders in a face-first slide to the bottom.

No water park is complete without a lazy river, and Andy Alligator’s has our favorite lazy river in the state. At the entrance, there is a bar where you can grab your favorite beverage before grabbing a tube and entering the slow moving waterway. It’s pure relaxation as you float the day away in an infinite loop.

If you’re looking for fun ways to get absolutely soaked, the main attraction at Andy’s is the giant splash pad. This cabana themed water feature has three mini-slides for kids to spend the day racing down and then running back to the top to ride again, and has more water-spraying nozzles than you can count. At the very top is a large blue bucket which fills with water. As the bucket fills to the brim, it tips itself over, dumping an enormous amount of water across the entire play area, bringing screams and laughter into the air as the kids continue to play.

We were especially pleased to find that Andy’s has a separate area for babies and toddlers who don’t really like the big splashing. This area has a number of small water spouts that come up from the ground, two little tiny slides (maybe 3 feet in height), and enough buckets, shovels and toys to keep them entertained as the summer sun beats down on the state.

In all, we really enjoy Andy Alligator’s Water Park. The size of the complex isn’t as large as other major water parks, which allows us to feel like we can take advantage of the entire facility without having to rush around. The crowds here are never overwhelming, and we have always been able to find lounge chairs without a problem.

Where are you spending your summer splash days? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook page!


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