Finding a Great Razor Shouldn’t Be This Hard!

For the last two years, I have been on a quest to find the perfect razor. I’ve tried every major shaving club, I’ve tried purchasing my first “favorite” razor from the store, and every time I have my hopes shattered by a subpar shave.

Although I have a pretty crazy goatee, I always want to make sure the rest of my face is clean shaven and presentable. It’s one thing to have wild facial hair. It’s another thing to make sure your face is clean and doesn’t make you look like a hobo. So naturally, I want to make sure that the razor I use on a daily basis is perfect.

The razor I used for the longest time came from the Dollar Shave Club. The 4x razor had the perfect amount of friction against my face without feeling like I was ripping hair from my cheeks, and at the same time, lasted the test of time as I was getting about 10-14 days from a cartridge.

My problem with the 4x was the handle. This thing broke on me constantly. The hinge where the cartridge connects to the handle would always break a tab, leaving the blades hanging on at an angle. This would last me about a week before it just couldn’t take it anymore and I would have to buy a new handle.

Normally – who cares? It’s just a handle and is part of shaving. The thing about Dollar Shave Club is that they are supposed to be saving you money, but at the rate I was going through these handles – it was costing me the same, if not more, than just buying blades from the store.

So I made the switch.

I kept seeing the end cap displays at Target for Harry’s Club. These razors looked modern and very slick, and they just were screaming at me to give them a try. So I went to their website and signed up, and about 2 weeks later, my box arrived. When I opened my first box from Harry’s, I was very impressed. The razor felt awesome in the hand, the blades looked sharp, and it just felt like a premium product.

And then I shaved with it.

The shave felt smoother than any shave I had in the last 10 years, but there was one major issue: the hinge. Unlike Dollar Shave Club, the hinge on Harry’s is a flexible piece of rubber attached to the cartridge, allowing for a very fluid motion across the face. The problem is that my hair is very coarse and thick which means I need to use a decent amount of pressure on my face to get a close, smooth shave. With this rubber flex hinge, I couldn’t get the pressure I needed to ever feel like I was as smooth as a babies…well…you know.

So I jumped ship again.

My next quest took me to the brand I learned to shave with and grew up on, Gillette On Demand. Surely this brand, though more expensive than it’s other two competitors, would leave me satisfied. After all, the only reason I left them was to save money on my shaving kits.

The first razor with Gillette On Demand I tried was the Sensor 3 Disposable Razor. It was the cheapest option, and honestly I should have known better. The razors were sharp, but had ZERO lubrication assistance, so it felt like you were shaving with a sharp squeegee.

So I upgraded my subscription to the Mach 3. This was the razor I grew up with. To be completely honest, the shave was fine, but the razors seemed to go dull very quickly, reminding me that shaving with a premium brand adds up – which was the reason I switched blades all along. Subscription: cancelled.

I decided to try Dollar Shave Club one more time. This time, though, I would go with the most expensive blade that they offered, the Executive. This razor is a BEAST. The handle is heavy duty and feels extremely solid and sturdy. The cartridges are a SIX blade shave – which, for me, puts the blades too close together in the cartridge – which doesn’t allow for my thick hair to get a close, clean cut. This wouldn’t work either.

My next shipment from Dollar Shave Club will contain the 4x blades I started my quest from, and my expectations are low – but at least I know that the shave will leave me with results that I’m happy with, even if it leaves me purchasing handle after handle to keep my shave experience as close to perfect as it can be.

Finding a good razor shouldn’t be this hard!

So what about you? What razor are you using, and are you happy with it? Or have you tried any of these subscription plans? Let us know what you think!

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