4 Year Old Food Reviews: Halls Pizza Kitchen

Today, we took a break from our ‘sweet adventures’ and decided to go the more savory route – and a little more upscale to: Hall’s Pizza Kitchen! And now, the comprehensive review of Hall’s Pizza Kitchen, as told by a 4 year old:

OkieDads (OD): So Brooklyn, now that we’ve had some pizza from Hall’s Pizza Kitchen, I have some questions for you. What do you think of this place?

Brooklyn (BK): Good!

OD: What’s your favorite thing that you ate today?

BK: Umm…the pizza!

OD: That makes sense! What did you like about the pizza?

BK: Cheese!

OD: Yeah? Was it a little cheesy or was it super cheesy?

BK: Super cheesy!

OD: What did you not like about Hall’s Pizza Kitchen?

BK: It was spicy!

OD: Spicy?! What was spicy?

BK: The crust and the pepperoni.

OD: Yeah, I guess there was a little bit of spice on those. But other than that, do you like this place?

BK: I like the pizza house (the brick oven in the corner), it’s a super fun place and I want to come here next week!

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