The Bottle That Saved My Sanity

My daughter would not eat for me for the first 4 months of her life.

No, I’m not kidding.

As my wife’s 3 month maternity leave approached its final few weeks, we knew that we needed to get my second child accustomed to eating away from mom, so we started trying to give her bottles. It only seemed fair that we would ease her into this transition, so I would try and give her a bottle during the 3am feeding, or if my wife wanted to get out of the house for a little bit, we’d try a bottle during those times.

My first child took a Dr. Brown’s bottle, as she battled acid reflux pretty heavily, and we were thrilled with the design and the way that our first daughter took to it – so we started with this same bottle with my second child. I cannot stress this enough: IT. DID. NOT. GO. WELL. With every sip, she would get angrier and angrier that it wasn’t her mom feeding her, even though it wasn’t formula, and she would eventually either throw up what little she ate from crying so hard, or she would reject any further food completely.

Not great

We did research as to what people thought would be the best fit, and we tried 3 or 4 different bottles – all with the exact same results. I literally was to the point where I was having to feed her with a tiny syringe, one drop at a time, to ensure she didn’t starve while her mom was at work.


And then someone gave us what would change my life forever: a Minbie Bottle. I had


never heard of the brand before – but at this point, I was willing to try anything (Meet the Fockers, anyone?). I made up a small trial bottle, and to my utter shock and amazement – my daughter took right to it!

Listen, I’m no nipple expert, and I’m certainly not qualified to talk about how it mimics breastfeeding – but let me say this: it was as if my hand and the bottle had turned into an extension of what my daughter preferred – her mom.

Minbie will tell you that the shape of the bottle nipple, which honestly is different from all the others we tried, mimics the same way that a child latches on to their mom (more pointing towards the roof of the mouth vs. the straight on design so many bottles have), and that the motion of the bottle as the child eats has the same motion as their mother. I haven’t tried it firsthand, but everything they claim it will do seems to be connecting with my child.

This literally saved my sanity. No more screaming while I was trying to nourish my child. No more crying to the point of vomiting. Simply a quick feed, and down to sleep she went.

I cannot say enough about how this bottle changed my relationship with my second child. Minbie Bottles are an absolute home run.

What about you? Have you experienced feeding frustrations? Share your story with us – and maybe it will help someone else who is in those same long nights that you once experienced.

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