Pickle Juice Slush From Sonic?

Let’s cut right to the chase.

Is it good? Strangely, yes.

Is it bad? Strangely, yes.

How do you even begin to write about something as absurd as a Pickle Juice Snow Cone Slush? For starters, you would need to wrap your mind around how an idea like this became reality, and I’m not about to get into the twisted psychology that brings us to today’s review.

So let’s break the beverage down.

20180613_195651.jpgIf I had to describe this Jeckyll & Hyde of a drink, it would be “a frozen dill lemonade.” At first sip, I was surprised how sweet the beverage was. After all, everyone knows that dill pickles are the only acceptable pickle (don’t @ me), but this drink didn’t taste like that vinegary/tart pickle flavor I was expecting it to. Instead, what I found was something that is closer to an artificial lemonade or limeade. It was sugary, but still had a hint of acidity to it.

But nowhere on the first tasting notes did I find the flavor of pickle. It was a pleasant, summer beverage that had me thinking, “yeah, I could drink this again.”

And then I swallowed and exhaled.

Ah, there it was. A very distinct dill aftertaste that screams “you’re drinking a pickle juice snow cone, you moron!” It wasn’t a strong flavor. It was like eating one of those giant pickles you can buy at a movie theater, and then after you’ve finished it and 30 minutes have passed by and some of the flavor still lingers in your mouth – yeah, it tastes like that mixed with lemonade.

Now, was it offensive? No.

Should this be a thing? I mean, I’m not going to judge. I have a Pumpkin Spice Review show.

Will I ever buy it again? Probably not.

What about you though? Have you tried it? Does it even interest you? Let us know in the comments!

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