GUYS NIGHT OUT: Burn by Rocky Patel

Burn by Rocky Patel is a two story, premium cigar & cocktail lounge in the rapidly expanding Chisolm Creek complex in north OKC. Rocky Patel, for those who don’t know, is a cigar manufacturer with quite the backstory. Working first as a Hollywood attorney (with clients such as Gene Hackman and Arnold Schwarzenegger), Patel was often exposed to premium cigars and took interest in the industry. He closed his law practice, moved to Honduras for a few years, and learned the trade that would become Rocky Patel Premium Cigars.

The first floor of Burn features a beautiful cocktail bar, featuring a full liquor selection on top of a rotating beer tap with plenty of seating, as well as a number of lounge areas ranging from high top tables, to couches, to an exclusive VIP lounge. Also on the first floor is the Rocky Patel Humidor. The second floor is exclusively seating and the restrooms.

The Humidor is stocked in a 360 degree layout, and a center island hosting a few featured brands and the cashier. One wall, however, is exclusively Rocky Patel label cigars. As a cigar novice, I tend to go with a lighter flavor and faster burn, so I went with the Rocky Patel 1999 Connecticut Shade Wrapper.

Here’s what sets Burn aside from other cigar lounges in Oklahoma City. Upon purchase, our host asked if we would like them cut and lit. Having butchered a number of cigars in my day, I took them up on their offer, and they were more than willing to answer any questions I had and guide me through the process of properly smoking their cigars.

We left impressed by the upscale decor, lush furnishings, cigar selection and beverage selection. And although this lounge has an ultra-premium feel, we were stunned to find that our evening did not come with an ultra-premium price tag.

Burn by Rocky Patel is a comfortable and classy place to grab a couple of your friends together, talk about life, and unwind with a drink and/or smoke. It will easily become one of our favorite gathering spots for late nights in Oklahoma City.


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