Threshold Indoor Climbing Gym + Fitness

Driving down Memorial or the Turnpike in far Northwest Oklahoma City, the building is hard to miss: Threshold Indoor Climbing Gym + Fitness. I must have passed it a thousand times, and though it has intrigued me, I’ve never made it in. I decided that the boys needed a fun night out this summer, so we scheduled a day to visit and made it happen.

Before any indoor rock climbing activity, there is one critical step you must take: visit the website! It really is an important step. Online, you can complete the waiver and take a great virtual tour of the facility. Doing these things before you arrive makes the check in process super easy and the tour gives you a very clear layout of the facility.

Threshold is enormous, and that’s an understatement. There is a massive climbing room, a smaller climbing area to work on your hand and foot skills, and a small jungle gym structure. What I was not expecting was a yoga center, a private event room with arcade games, and a small fitness center with cardio equipment and small weight machines. The tour of the facility itself is impressive, and we hadn’t even touched the structures yet!

My boys are 14 and 15 years old with zero climbing experience. They were excited to give Threshold a try, but were unsure if they would be able to climb and if they would really enjoy it. Our breif tour and orientation was led by one of the staff members at Threshold, Chase. My boys liked him. He’s cool, loves what he does, and is super knowledgeable. Before they knew it, he had the kids climbing up the wall with confidence in both their ability and safety.

My boys ended up doing all the activities they could. Starting on the shorter bouldering walls then moving over to the tall climbing walls. The auto belay system is what makes climbing possible to even the most inexperienced beginners. It works so effortlessly that my kids felt safe climbing as high as they could knowing the descent, intentional or not, was going to be safe.

When it was all over I asked my boys what they thought of Threshold. The first thing they said was that it was a fun workout. That’s not something you hear from a lot of teenage boys! They also said it would be a great place for a birthday party. Threshold has a great room for birthdays and other private events, and will be something we consider when their birthday’s roll around next spring.

For dad’s like me that don’t climb, Threshold has comfortable couches to observe the climbing activities from, clean restrooms, and there’s even a ping-pong table for when the kids need to give their arms and legs a break.

The pricing model here is completely reasonable, offering both daily passes, multi-day passes, and monthly memberships. Birthday parties are an incredible value, and if you have kids that enjoy thrilling activities and adventure, Threshold would be the perfect place for a birthday party.

Overall, Threshold Indoor Climbing + Fitness was a great experience that left my kids asking when they could return – and it won’t be long! For more information on Threshold Indoor Climbing + Fitness, visit them at 6024 Westlake Memorial Parkway in Northwest OKC, or visit them online at


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