4 Year Old Food Reviews: Freezing Cow Rolling Ice Cream

The following is a completely honest and unbiased food review of Freezing Cow Rolling Ice Cream, as told by a 4 year old. If you’ve never had rolled ice cream, it’s like the Japanese steakhouse of dessert. You order your flavors and mixes, and they put all of the ingredients together on an ultra chilled surface that freezes the mixture into ice cream as it settles. Then, it is scraped up with a spatchula into tiny ice cream rolls and topped with your favorite toppings.

It’s a pretty unique experience that we’ve only had one other time – and that was in New York City!

OkieDads: So what are we eating today?

Brooklyn: Ice Cream rolls and chocolate strawberries!

OD: Yeah, this is pretty cool ice cream, huh? It’s rolled up!

BK: And it has strawberries and chocolate!

OD: I got the Beauty and the Beast, which is vanilla ice cream, Nutella and crushed strawberries. What’s your favorite part of this?

BK: I like the chocolate and strawberries, and mom’s chocolate bananas!

OD: Mom’s is good too. Isn’t it?! It had Graham crackers and Nutella and bananas!

BK: I want to come back here next week!

OD: Me too!

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