GUYS NIGHT OUT: The Biggest Burger in Oklahoma

It all started out so innocently.

I was hanging at Top Golf in Northwest Oklahoma City with a couple of friends, when we decided to look at the menu.

There she was: The Mega Burger. 40 ounces of angus beef surrounded by American cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles and topped with a Chipotle aoli. That’s right. This burger is the equivalent to eating 10 quarter pounders with cheese.

It wasn’t my idea – but my friend Dennis decided that this was something that needed to be consumed, and so the Mega Burger was ordered for the table.

As we waited the 30 minute cooking time, we all speculated on how big it would be, if it would be dry or not, perhaps even tough to chew. The theories were all different, though I leaned on the more pessimistic side of things.

And then it arrived, served on a cookie baking sheet, surrounded by a sea of French fries and pickle spears. This burger was enormous. We cut into the burger as if we were slicing a pizza – and I’ve had pizza slices smaller than this.

I took my first bite, and was immediately stunned by what I was tasting. This burger wasn’t bad at all! The juices in the massive beef patty remained moist, the burger was tender, and the toppings weren’t out of porportion to the rest of the burger. It was well seasoned. The pickles were actually pickle spears so that small pickle chips wouldn’t get lost in this mountain of meat.

Now, it’s not my new favorite burger, but I will say that I was extremely impressed that a golf facility was able to pull off this culinary creation. It’s the perfect novelty for when you need something extreme for your next guys night out.

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