Keep the Conversation (and Connection) Alive with TableTopics

If there is one thing I’ve learned about my wife Holly over the years, it’s that she loves to connect through CONVERSATION. Not just any conversation, though. She likes the deeper stuff – like talking hopes and dreams or learning anything about me she doesn’t already know. And she wants me to want to know absolutely everything about her.

Just recently we sat down together for 45 minutes to dream up some unique date nights for the rest of the year, and I could tell it was a meaningful contribution to her love tank.

If you’re like me, these types of conversations don’t just roll off the tongue at will. Time of day, mood, and a host of other priorities and environmental factors keep me from wanting to dive deep into the trenches of my memory or feelings.

I need a catalyst or hinge habit to get there.

For us, that has been TableTopics – small square cards featuring questions to start great conversations.

Holly introduced these to me when we were dating, and these prompts became a great way for us to learn about each other. Even today we break them out from time to time to help us get into a conversational mood. Remember the date nights I mentioned earlier? One that we wrote down was “Wine and TableTopics”.

We have even started using these to connect with our friends. Many Sunday mornings we pull a card out of our pockets to spark conversation with other attendees during the greeting time at church. It helps to avoid the standard “How long have you attended?” question. And these cards are the best with a group around a campfire.

TableTopics come in a variety of editions (i.e. Family, Couples, Dinner Party, Road Trip, and Travel just to name a few) and they can be purchased for approximately $25.00 or less online. These make for great birthday or holiday gifts.

Even better for frugal weirdos and penny pinchers like me, you can view hundreds of the cards on their Twitter and Facebook accounts for free! Every once in a while I will screen shot one of the cards online and text it to Holly for her to be thinking about during the day. It’s another way to feel connected while we’re apart.

Don’t let your routines ruin your connection with one another. Let TableTopics keep the conversation alive!

I’m including a few more cards below for you to ask your significant other RIGHT NOW. I promise you, this will be fun.



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