Sanctuary Asia Opens at the OKC Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo continues its rapid expansion with the grand opening of Sanctuary Asia on September 28th. Much like the newest Zoo exhibits, Oklahoma Trails and the new Elephant Pavilion, Sanctuary Asia is a gorgeous addition to the Oklahoma City Zoo that will bring visitors from across the state in to see the new attraction.

Sanctuary Asia is a $22 million, 6.6-acre habitat where endangered animals from Asia will receive world-class care in state of the art habitats, and will be visited by more than a million annual visitors. The new exhibit encompasses the Zoo’s Asian Elephants, Indian rhinos, Komodo dragons and red pandas. Animals new to the Zoo include a troop of Francois’ langurs, tanuki (“raccoon dogs”), cassowaries and Burmese Black Mountain tortoises.

The central feature at Sanctuary Asia is the Lotus Pavilion, a two story restaurant and event venue that provides stunning views of the Zoo’s new habitats. Here, guests can dine while watching the rhinos, elephants and Komodo dragons. The space may also be rented for private events during the day or evening hours.

For families who frequent the Children’s Zoo for the sole purpose of the waterfall, you will be thrilled to know that Sanctuary Asia is home to a new courtyard which has a series of water fountains for your children to cool off in.

Sanctuary Asia is a new shining star amongst an already world-class Zoo, and it will be an exhibit that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. For more information, and to purchase tickets to the Oklahoma City Zoo, visit them online at

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