Turn Your Halloween Candy Into Cash

As a foster parent I’m required to obtain a certain number of training hours on an annual basis. Many of those trainings are centered on parenting best practices and a variety of other resources related to caring for children.

At last month’s training I learned how to make my own stress ball with a balloon and play-doh. As cool as that sounds, though, it wasn’t even the most interesting part.

My favorite was hearing from a Nutritionist who was presenting. She gave us all kinds of tips on how to trick kids (and husbands as she joked) into eating healthier. And then she said it.

“Did you know you can turn your Halloween candy into cash?”

I thought she was going to mention some potion she learned about from watching Hocus Pocus, but apparently there are dentists and other local businesses across the country that will buy your Halloween candy from you, and then they ship the candy off to troops overseas.

This is a WIN-WIN.

You can eliminate pounds of sugar from your child’s clutches and allow our military members to taste the rainbow instead.

I really appreciated what Ms. Nutritionist said about her strategy. For one night, and one night only she allows her kids to retrieve and consume as much candy as they want. And the next day they package the rest and drive it all to the local dentist for a cash redemption.

After hearing her story I realize this is quite the treat for her kids, as they seem to adhere to a pretty strict and healthy diet otherwise.

Redeeming tootsie rolls for a few dollars affords Ms. Nutritionist’s kids a trip to the local toy store for a treat that won’t cause a sugar crash.

Another thought I had after hearing this story is that this can be a great lesson for kids to help them understand that our possessions (even candy) hold value, and that the world is connected and continues to turn on this ebb and flow of resources – that the decisions we make with our resources can add value to our lives and maybe even affect the world in a good way.

You’re not going to get rich with this strategy, but you just might prevent your kids from asking you to eat M&Ms for breakfast for a week following Halloween. And you’re sure to put a smile on some troops faces. Let’s allow them discover how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Want to see if there is a candy buy back option in your neck of the woods? Simply visit www.halloweencandybuyback.com and create a search with your zip code.

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