Perfect Playgrounds: Breakaway Indoor Playground

The playground scene in Oklahoma City continues to step up its game, and one of the newest contenders for OKC’s best is Breakaway Indoor Playground.

Breakaway Indoor Playground is a three story, 2000 square foot(!) playground that is sure to appease your child no matter their age. The structure is absolutely massive and contains slides, swings, trampolines, foam pits, climbing hills, rope bridges – even a three story Nerf ball blaster arena. For parents with infants and toddlers, there is a gated off section for your little ones, with small climbing structures, rocking horses, and more fidget gadgets on the walls than your toddlers will know what to do with.

And if your kid likes to play dress up and pretend to be in a different world, Breakaway has three buildings to let their imagination run wild. If your child wants to be a fireman, there’s a fire station, complete with firefighter costumes and a fire hose. If they like to go on shopping sprees, there is a grocery store with a cash register that ‘beeps’ when they scan their items on the scanner. Or perhaps they like to pretend to be doctors where they can play a giant game of Operation while they wear medical coats. This tiny city is the perfect place to let your child pretend and explore.

For the adults in the room, there are three options for you. The first option is a small cafe with complementary black coffee and a snack bar with other beverages and food items that can be purchased. The second option is a lounge with couches and chairs, as well as large screen TVs mounted to the wall so you can catch the game while your kids play on the playgrounds. The third option is to let the kid inside of you run wild, as adults are allowed to accompany their children into the play structure – a feature that most large playgrounds do not allow.

Breakaway Indoor Playground is open 7 days a week for you and your family to enjoy. For more information (socks are required for EVERYONE – even those who aren’t playing), or to plan your child’s next birthday party, visit Breakaway online at

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