Date Night: Pinot’s Palette (Bricktown)

One of the key things we want to encourage you to explore at OkieDads are unique date opportunities for you and your spouse/partner to have the chance to refresh and reconnect, and we’ve found an incredible experience that we are thrilled to share with you: Pinot’s Palette (Bricktown).

Pinot’s Palette is a ‘paint and sip’ studio, combining great wine with professional art instruction in a lively and social setting. Patrons are seated at tables stocked with all of the supplies you’ll need, including aprons, a blank canvas and easel, a variety of brush sizes, and all of the paint colors required for the evening’s project.

In the back of the facility is a bar area stocked with a wide variety of red and white wines, beer, as well as a selection of non-alcoholic beverages. These drinks were reasonably priced and had something that fit every taste and mood. There is also the occasional ‘featured beverage’ of the evening and on our particular night it was a Hot Cider Sangria, perfect for an unusually cold evening.

Our class began with basic instructions on what to expect and an overview of the tools we would be using in our painting, and then we were off. The painting that we were replicating, a lakeside sunset with two figures sitting at the end of a dock, looked complex and more advanced than our skillsets were capable of. However, our instructor perfectly explained how to blend colors which created smooth gradients that allowed the color of the sky to blend perfectly from red to orange as it touched the horizon. We were even given tips on how to get the wood grain textured look on the boards that made up the dock on the lake. By the end of the class, we had created replicas that were pretty close to the example that sat at the front of the studio!

In between instructions, we were able to enjoy our beverages and engage in conversation, (which with two young children comes at a premium), and it was fun to help each other recreate the example painting together. During this time, the bartender made the rounds to ensure that everyone had what they needed, and the instructor worked the room offering advice and helpful tips. There was upbeat music that played in speakers overhead which kept the atmosphere energetic and exciting.

We found Pinot’s Palette to be a perfect date night destination. Not only is it a unique experience that is hard to recreate outside of the facility, it also offers a shared bonding experience as you learn a new skill together. This atmosphere and experience allows for moments of compliment and encouragement, and the occasional laughter as you try and figure out “what exactly did you just paint there?” While this was the first time that we visited Pinot’s Palette, it will not be the last time we enjoy each other’s company in such a fun setting.

Pinot’s Palette (Bricktown) is located at 115 E. California Avenue, right on the Bricktown Canal. For more information on how you can book your next date night at Pinot’s Palette, visit them online at, or call (405) 602-3850.

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