Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge

Great family entertainment is often defined by the era in which we live in. Sometimes, it was gathering around a radio and listening to a nightly program, then the television was invented and everything changed. Bowling, however, has remained a family favorite for decades, and Oklahoma City is home to one of the most unique bowling experiences around: Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge.

Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge is like stepping into a bowling alley from the late 70’s, complete with vintage furniture and television set in a lounge next to the bowling lanes. Even the scoring at Dust Bowl is done the old fashioned way: by hand. But it’s this uniqueness that it brings that makes Dust Bowl one step above any other bowling experience you’ve ever had.

There are three sections of the facility: a bar/lounge, the main bowling lanes, and two private rooms that offer two or four lane configurations for private/special occasions.

The bar area provides ample seating, both at the bar and at tables in the front of Dust Bowl. There is a wide variety of drinks and food options, and it’s not your average bowling alley “cheap beer and terrible food”. We ordered a handful of appetizers including the Hot Chicken Poppers, which were delicious Nashville Hot Chicken-style Nuggets, Skillet Queso, and chips and dip – all of which were fantastic.

The bowling at Dust Bowl is fantastic as well. The charm of the retro-esque atmosphere adds to the in-game experience: from the lamps that illuminate the scoring table, to the carpet and couches. If you’re like us, we relied on computers to keep score of our bowling games, but at Dust Bowl, they teach you how the game is truly scored, and it was fun to keep track of who was in the lead ourselves.

For families with younger children, Dust Bowl offers bowling balls that are lighter in weight, ramps for ball delivery, and bumpers to make sure they aren’t sad every time they bowl a gutter ball.

Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge is open 7 days a week, and is the perfect place to bring the family, a date, or a host a private party. For more information on Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge, or to book your game today, visit them online at https://www.dustbowllounge.com/locations/oklahoma-city/.



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