Exploring Creativity at Unpluggits

My kid loves her iPad. I’m talking LOVES her iPad. She’s probably seen every episode of Ryan’s Toy Review there is, and for that – I’m not proud of. She also LOVES to play, enjoys crafts and uses her imagination, and for that, we are thrilled that Unpluggits open for us to give her an escape from technology.

Unpluggits Paint & Play is an indoor facility that caters to the creativity, imagination and adventure in your child. There are three main features: a painting/craft area, a large indoor playground, and a couple of private party rooms.

The painting and craft area has just about everything your child would want to express themselves. There is an area where kids can paint on canvases, or for a small fee they can paint a piece of pottery. There are also chalk tables and play dough tables available.

The playground section of Unpluggits consists of two large towers, connected by crawl-through tunnels, and three slides. There is a small area for children 3 and under that is gated off so they can play risk-free on equipment a little more appropriate for their age. For those who really like to take their imagination to a different level, there are numerous costumes that can be worn, and even a pirate ship to spark the adventure inside their minds.

For those who are looking for a unique birthday party, Unpluggits also has two private rooms that can be booked for your princess or pirate (or whatever they choose to be).

We have grown to love Unpluggits, and we’re sure that your family will grow to love it too. It’s the perfect place for rainy or cold days, or even for sunny days when our kids just want to veg out in front of the television.

For more information on Unpluggits, visit them online at http://www.unpluggits.com, or call (405) 340-7584.



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