The Best Pizza Spots in Oklahoma City

Pizza is a staple in our household. Seriously, we’re eating pizza the way other families eat chicken nuggets or PB&J. Over the years, we’ve tried out a ton of pizza places in Oklahoma City – some amazing, some atrocious. Here are our choices for the best pizza that Oklahoma City has to offer.

  1. Joey’s Pizzeria (700 W. Sheridan Ave.)
    The pizza to try: Under The Tuscan Sun – Smoked ham, red peppers, mushrooms, oregano, feta cheese and topped with an over easy egg. Pro tip – ask them about their Thunder game day special.
  2. Empire Slice House (1734 NW 16th St.)
    The pizza to try: Ghostface Killa – Ghost pepper marinara, pepperoni, poblano peppers, and BBQ POTATO CHIPS. You won’t be sorry you tried this – but keep a glass of milk ready, just in case.
  3. Upper Crust (5860 N. Classen)
    The pizza to try: BBQ Chicken, Y’all – BBQ sauce, chicken, fontina, shaved red onion, bbq swirl, cilantro. Editors note – I’m not a huge fan of non-red sauce pizza, but this one I make the exception for every time.
  4. Pizzeria Gusto (2415 N. Walker Ave.)
    The pizza to try: Margherita – tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, basil, EVOO. This pizza is as simple as it gets, but it is complex in your mouth.
  5. Stone Sisters Pizza Bar (2124 N. Broadway Ave.)
    The pizza to try: Bossy Big Sister Pie on Spelt Crust – red sauce, caciocavera and blue cheese, pepperoni, chicken, garlic, mushroom, red onion, black olive, yellow bell pepper, grape tomato, penne pasta and stone sister gravel. Sounds strange, but it’s incredible.

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