Frontier City’s New Timber Town: an EXCLUSIVE First Look

When Six Flags re-aquired Frontier City in May of 2018, Oklahomans were left wondering what changes – if any – would be made to the park. It wasn’t long after the acquisition that Six Flags announced that the first round of changes would take place in Paul Bunyon’s Tiny Timber Town – and we’re starting to get a pretty good picture of what’s in store for the little ones in 2019 at Frontier City.

Six Flags recently held their annual “State of the Company” keynote where they go park by park to announce new attractions and upgrades – and Frontier City was included in the keynote. During the presentation, we got our first scoop on the FOUR(!) new rides coming to Timber Town:


A New Roller Coaster: Frankie’s Mine Train

The Wild Kitty has already been removed from the park, and there were rumors that a new “mini-coaster” would replace it, and we now know those rumors are true. It will be replaced by Frankie’s Mine Train, an oval shaped coaster that is a significant upgrade from the Wild Kitty. This ride (and every other new ride) is manufactured by Zamperla, and was announced at the Keynote as a new Zamperla Family Gravity Coaster.

Six Flags went on to give a sketch of the new station and ride facade, which can be seen in this photo, thanks to Amusement Source.


Thanks to YouTube, the official Zamperla website and other Six Flags parks with this same roller coaster – we’re pretty confident that the roller coaster in this video is the new Frankie’s Mine Train.

A Spinning Ride

We also knew, thanks to Frontier City’s Facebook page, that the Flying Dragons would be removed from the park at the end of the 2018 season, and now we know that the Zamperla Mini Jet ride will be replacing them. No word on an official name for the ride, or what the vehicles will be, but we are able to see what the ride looks like thanks to the official Zamperla website.

A Mini Hot Air Balloon Ferris Wheel

We’ve seen photos where the Canoes have been removed (cue the thunderous applause of parents everywhere), and we think we’ve got a good idea what’s going to be placed there. Another newly announced ride is the Zamperla Balloon Wheel, and when you search for this on Google you find what is essentially a mini ferris wheel. Each car on this ferris wheel is a hot air balloon, taking your kids for a quick ride in the sky before safely landing back at the station.

There’s a *small* chance that this balloon ride could spin horizontally (like the Flying Dragons or Tom Tom Swings), but our money is on something like a ferris wheel.

A Bouncing Vehicle/Spinning Ride

The final ride announced for Timber Town is the Zamperla Jump Around, which is a ride that spins vehicles in a circle (like the Flying Dragons), but bounces up and down as it spins. As where the Flying Dragons (and probably the new Mini Jet ride) was controlled by the rider, this ride bounces in a rhythm controlled by the ride’s onboard computer. No word on what the ride vehicles will be, but it could be anything from a monster truck to a boat, or even a licensed character (they’ve made an Angry Birds themed Jump Around). Our bet, however, is on the frogs.


What are your thoughts on the new announcements? Let us know in the comments, or drop us a note on Facebook and tell us what ride your kids will be most excited for at Frontier City in 2019!

disclaimer: these reports are rumors and not official. for the most accurate information, keep an eye on Frontier City’s Facebook page and official website.

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