Big3 Basketball: Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is no stranger to big league basketball, but on September 21st, basketball fans were treated to the fastest growing basketball league in the nation: Big3.

Big3 is a 3-on-3, half court basketball game where the first team to 50 points (and has a lead of at least 2) wins. The rules for the game are somewhat similar to what you might be used to in the NBA, with a few unique adjustments that both speed up the game and make it more competitive.

Our personal favorite: the 4 point shot. Situated behind the 3 point line are three circles – of which if a player is positioned in when he makes the shot, it counts for 4 points (instead of the 3 that the NBA accounts for).

The games were fast paced, and there were 3 full featured games during the course of the afternoon. My girls, who are 5 and 1, found themselves to be quite entertained and only wanted to leave their seats to get a snack or take a bathroom break.

Among the highlights of the afternoon included a wild crossover that sent Ricky Davis to the floor and a basket that put the Aliens on top of the Ghost Ballers, 51-35. Game two saw the Trilogy beat the Enemies 50-38. During halftime of Game 2, Big3 founder Ice Cube treated the fans to a special performance of It Was a Good Day.

Closing out the afternoon’s matchups, the Killer 3’s beat out the Ball Hogs 50-35, keeping the Ball Hogs at a losing record of 0-5.

Personally, as a basketball fan, I really hope that the Big3 continues it’s upward momentum and returns to Oklahoma City. I will say it was strange to step into Chesapeake Arena for the first time since the OKC Thunder lost Paul George and Russell Westbrook, but it’s events like this that will keep OKC on the map as a Big League City.

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