Parlor: OKC’s Newest Dining Hot Spot

Oklahoma City’s restaurant trend explosion continues with the grand opening of Parlor OKC – an upscale food hall in Automobile Alley. This two story, modern-industrial facility features seven culinary options and two full service bars. You know the age old question “what mood are you in for dinner tonight?” This place solves that question with a single answer: Parlor.

Sure, it’s a glorified food court, but you’re not walking away with day old pizza slices or chain fast food. You’re getting upscale culinary experiences in a communal setting. Recently, we had the chance to check out Parlor and we’re here to tell you what we found.

First, Parlor brings back the glorious return of one of my all time favorite restaurants that has ever graced the foodie scene in OKC: Pachinko Parlor. This unique sushi bar has reopened with a condensed menu, but it’s still full of all of your favorite dishes from its past. My most wanted list when I heard they were reopening included the Incredible Mr. Limpet Roll (spicy tuna), the Philly Cheesesteak Roll, the Asian Chips & Dip, and the Fried Green Beans. I couldn’t be happier to report that all four of these items are on the menu, and they’re just as delicious as you remember.

Next, Burger Pig brings some of the juiciest hamburgers we have ever tasted to Parlor. My daughter, who is very observant in what is, in her words, “yummy or yucky” said that they’re the best hamburger she’s ever had. The Burger Pig burger is a mixture of ground pork and chorizo topped with manchego cheese, bacon tomato jam, pickled onions and arugula. It’s pretty spectacular.

Lastly, we were pretty stunned by the Providence Pizzeria Company. They make their pizzas right in the center of Parlor (your kids will get a kick out of watching them roll the dough and top the pizzas from the glass partition). They specialize in 4 styles of pizza, and all of them looked absolutely incredible.

Other concepts in Parlor include El Guate (Guatemalan street food), Mother Clucker (nashville hot chicken), Graffiti (latin-asian fusion), and Sura Eats (korean comfort food). There are also two bars with beers on tap and cocktails ready to be mixed to order.

Check our Parlor OKC on the web to get all of the information you’ll need before your first trip – and report back to us with what you got and what you thought! As for our family, we’ll be making this one of our new regular spots on the weekend!

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